Thanks for all of the love on my before and after!  Sometimes…..when I don’t have time to overthink a project it just comes together organically and is probably better than if I had my normal angst…..haha.

The only thing that really matters is that my clients are happy:)

I am headed out of town today to Asheville for a  visit with friends….but guess what!  I am taking a little detour to visit The Souther Living Idea House designed by the amazing Lauren Liess.  How darn excited am I…..

Anyway….I am already missing Cami.

I don’t have much today but I was searching for something on my computer and ran across this home from AD and it stopped me.

It’s full of interest and perfectly curated in my opinion.  One of my most dreaded fears is that a room I design look too much like a furniture store.  Everything new…..which is why I like to frequent flea markets to add a little crust….

The dark walls below are perfection…..

I love the art over the sofa…..so unpredictable.

I like the contrasting color on the walls below…..don’t get me wrong I still LOVE white walls but sometimes I can go for a slight beige!

This whole situation below.

Below you can see that he used a natural rug and layered it with an antique on top.  That is my fav.

Even though this black marble would be a nightmare to keep clean…..especially in the shower I adore the way it looks.  So rich and beautiful.

It is designed by architect Gil Shafer and it gives me all the feels…..

OK….thoughts?  yes or no?

What is on everyones agenda this weekend?  I think it is supposed to be chilly in Asheville.  I’m not ready for cold but seriously yesterday I was sweating all day.  You know how it’s chilly in the mornings and then it heats up to 80 in the afternoon.  You would think at my age I would be wise to that little weather trick.

Even though I would love to stay and chat more I have all kinds of things to do right this second….like pack and love on Cami:)



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