Edible Flower Teacup Garden in the Kitchen

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Have you ever grown edible flowers? I think a kitchen garden or windowsill garden is so charming. A few weeks ago I was at a local garden store and saw these sweet little violas. I planted a bunch of them in pots but had a few leftover and decided to put a few in my colorful coffee mugs!

I’ve made mini-gardens like these for years, aren’t they so fun? But I’ve never put edible flowers in my mugs before so this was a first. What a sweet gift for Mother’s Day, a housewarming or just for your kitchen! I have been inspired by this Botanical Baking cookbook to use more edible flowers in our baking and cooking. They are so pretty in a salad, on top of yogurt or cakes.

Edible Flower Teacup Garden in the Kitchen
Edible Flower Teacup Garden in the Kitchen

My husband made a yummy blueberry dessert the other day and used a couple of our flowers as a darling garnish! So sweet! I took a photo for you :).

Having the flowers in the kitchen makes them so convenient to add to a recipe! They will do just fine in the mugs (no drainage needed) for weeks. At some point you’ll probably want to transfer them to a bigger pot or just plant them in a garden as they will eventually get too tall for the mugs. The key with the mugs is to not overwater. When the soil is just about dry add a bit of water. Usually I do that every day as mine are in a sunny spot in my kitchen.

Edible Flower Teacup Garden in the Kitchen
Edible Flower Teacup Garden in the Kitchen

I also got more forget-me-nots this spring, they are another sweet edible flower! Aren’t they THE CUTEST? I was so tickled to see them pop up in our yard last year. I will be planting my new ones into Lily’s Garden this week (see that and some of our other garden areas here).

Edible Flower Teacup Garden in the Kitchen

In another post I’ll show you a few ways you can use edible flowers to make yummy and pretty treats!

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