Bold living room interior design trends 2021 – Interior Design Trends 2021: 10 Hottest Home Decor Ideas

Bold living room interior design trends 2021

It’s been a challenging year that changed our perspective in many ways. We started to create our living spaces in a way that more closely resembles a comfortable, private sanctuary. 2021 interior design trends will further elaborate on that approach. Tactile design, sustainable materials, raw woods, greeneries, and soothing color palettes are just some of the features we expect to see more of. The choices will vary from full retro-chic, over to Scandinavian, and even to global eclectic. Also, happy color accents will juxtapose calm and discrete earthy tones. Organic shapes and abstract curves start to replace rigid minimalism, bringing more softness to the interiors. Read on for a closer look at the hottest interior design trends 2021!

1. Home Office Interior Design Trends 2021

Home office interior design trends 2021

Home office interior design trends 2021 by Decorilla designer, Joyce T.

More people than ever are working remotely, and that will continue, at least for some time. It’s no wonder that reducing distracting noises becomes the thing. Double or triple panel windows, carpeting, and other soundproofing techniques have their place among the interior design trends 2021. Also, being stuck in one place bears a risk of monotony, and we all need some inspiring office environment. Energetic color palettes will find their place in home office design during the upcoming months. Wellness, lively accents, natural elements, and a lot of greenery will help us establish a healthier balance between work and free time.

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2. Light Woods

Open living space featuring light wood 2021 interior design trend by Decorilla interior designer, Wanda P.

Open living space with light wood 2021 interior design trend by Decorilla interior designer, Wanda P.

Alongside sustainable trends, comes natural-color, and light wood is the material of choice. It fits almost any style and sensibility, from modern minimalist to a rustic French farmhouse. Light-toned wood is also a staple of Scandinavian style, deeply rooted in nature and simplicity. Finally, light wood makes a perfect balance with other interior design trends 2021, such as greens, ocean hues, and natural vibes.

3. Textured Walls 

2021 interior design trend - Textured walls

Textured walls appear as 2021 interior design trend by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

Murals and large-scale artistic depictions are starting to come back in a new way. One of the 2021 interior design trends is textured walls, as a perfect fit with retro inspiration, naturalistic, and eclectic flairs. Marbling techniques, sumptuous fabrics, abstract design are just a few ways to add a new dimension to the room. Mixes of natural materials like moss, and 3d wallpapers, are also innovative solutions to apply this decor trend.

4. 2021 Interior Design Color Trends: Bold Walls

Interior design color trends 2021 in an eclectic living room

Interior design color trends 2021 in an eclectic living room by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Pantone is all about happy colors, having named one of the colors of the year a rich, vibrant yellow. These hues spread joy and optimism with trend predictions full of kaleidoscopic colors. The collection features electric jewel tones like sapphire blue and ruby red, will keep popping up along with vibrant shades of yellow and orange. Furthermore, teal and aqua shades are the next big thing in the interior design color trends 2021. Kitchens and dining rooms, home offices, are just some of the places where we’ll be seeing those a lot.

Interior design trends 2021 kitchen

Interior colors will also revolve around calm and earthy shades that we saw as a 2020 interior design trend. Several paint companies have already chosen their color of the year among shades of muted green and turquoise. The earthy shades include timeless classics. Warm saffron, pale pinkish-camel, refined sandstone, rich honey toffee, and spicy tawny birch make the perfect palettes for chic, embracing interiors rooted in nature.

5. Abstract Statement Pieces

Interior design trends 2021 abstract

Abstract art is becoming a critical focal point in furniture design, particularly in minimalist interiors. Curvy chairs, surrealist shapes, and abstract light fixtures with eye-catching metal components are all the rage right now, becoming the norm for overpowering. As the trends revolve around earthy tones and happy palettes, abstract wall design becomes a way to shake things up in an unconventional way. Conceptual pieces in bright shades are perfect accents to catch the attention and liven up white, beige, and gray backdrops.

6. Conscious & Sustainable Design 

Interior design trends 2021, natural elements by Decorilla designer Marisa G

Interior design trends 2021, natural elements by Decorilla designer Marisa G

Organic, renewable elements will remain as key 2021 interior design trends, in clear focus of designers paying credence to sustainable interior design. In addition, reusing decor elements will continue to grow as vintage and refurbished pieces are given another chance to shine. Likewise, an emphasis on consciously produced pieces will play a significant role when it comes to sourcing products. In addition, designers will give priority to ethically made goods.

7. Modern Granny Chic

Interior design trends 2021 granny chic

The granny-chic decor is also known as heavy floral prints, lots of patterns, obligatory wallpapers, retro furnishings, and other whimsical details. Somewhat unexpectedly, these kinds of nostalgic interiors are having their big moment right now, and that is going to continue in 2021. Moreover, interior design trends are going big on patterns and kitsch, and we can see why. Spending so much time at home demands some vivid environment, and repurposing is chicer than ever. Also, the “grand-millennial” style offers comfort and a feeling that’s fresh enough for young generations to enchant them.

8. Multifunctional Spaces

Interior design trends 2021 multifunctional spaces

Multifunctional spaces are, unsurprisingly, another one of the big upcoming interior design trends. A global lifestyle change brought different requirements. Finding a suitable corner for a home office, preferably another one to serve as a classroom, integrating desks and tables, all became an indispensable part of the new normal. As a result, the need for more efficient space utilization opened new perspectives in the way we see our homes, which is not necessarily bad.

9. Natural Elements

Natural elements 2021 design trends

On trend, earthy and natural bedroom interior design by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Green, and more green: houseplants are crucial elements of several interior design trends 2021, from grand-millennial, over to biophilic and sustainable design. Bringing nature indoors connects us back with the outdoor world. In addition, organic materials will be prevalent with bamboo on the top. Wicker and rattan follow closely, of course, in their natural wood hues. Once again, this reflects the trendy sustainable approach as a direct hit on ecological trends. Furthermore, cane furniture is also an indispensable part of boho-chic interiors that never really went out of fashion since mid-century.

10. International Influence

International influence as a 2021 interior design trend

2021 Interior Design Trend: international influenced study and music room by Decorilla interior designer, Christine M.

The world is a bit out of reach at the moment, so let’s bring it in. Earthy color palettes, warm, natural textures, and eclectic trends put accents on wooden, woven, and rattan home accessories. Whether it’s tropical, Old World Charm, or an Asian zen flair, international influence is one of the key interior design trends 2021. Look for touches of global influence around the home, reminiscent of excursions to faraway places. Simultaneously, the spirit of beach getaways and fresh, tranquil hues define new modern interiors oriented towards peace, freshness, and comfort.

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