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  Analytics are always interesting when you keep a blog and they can provide insight into your readers likes and dislikes.  I keep a close eye on my blog analytics and also Pinterest. While I look for patterns of pins on Pinterest there often aren’t any, but last month was a little different.

 Do  these images  indicate what is popular on Pinterest or do they reflect what I like personally or both?

Here’s a selection of  my most liked/repinned pins in order of popularity from last month:




 What we can say …

  • clean lines are evident in all designs
  • versions of gray are very popular paired with lighter walls
  • texture is a dominant feature especially from wood and brick
  • lighter woods are used to add texture and warmth
  • contrast is an evident characteristic 
  • nature is present in fruits, plants, woods
That’s what Pinterest told me last month. Of course I know what is popular on my feed is influenced by my own aesthetic.  If I pinned all glamorous space some of these would be at the top of the list.  But that won’t be happening any time soon.  I am not a glamorous type of gal. 
 Are you influenced by what you see on Pinterest?  Do you what you see changes  how you design your home? 

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